Bathroom Rules Framed Sign


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Bathroom Rules Framed Sign has an unpainted and lightly stained wood frame and it comes ready for display by a jute hanger attached at the top. Sign reads, "Bathroom rules - If it's up, put it down. If it's on, turn it off. If it's dirty, clean it. If you've finished, flush it. If you're taking too long, hurry. - Ladies - Please remain seated for the entire performance. - Gentlemen - Please stand a little closer, it may be shorter than you think " in black text. Sign is perfect for a guest or master bathroom and it measures 19" high by 11.5" wide by 1" deep.


  • Framed sign
  • Jute hanger
  • "Bathroom rules..."
  • Country of Origin - United States of America

  • ITEM:  GPRT15


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